If i were a panda would you save me? We are only 22 now.

There is another bear out in the world which needs your help. No, it is not the panda or the polar bear. Instead, it is the Mongolian Gobi bear, an ancient sub-species of the brown bear.

It is the only desert dwelling bear, living in the Gobi desert of Mongolia. With less than thirty living individuals, the Gobi bear is on the brink of extinction.

This bear eats golden buttons (plant), rhubarb, and small rodents. However, there is little water in the Gobi desert, meaning plants are far and few between.

Additionally, there are those who wish to harm this species in order to gain access to the deserts mineral reserve.

Based on morphology, the Gobi brown bear has sometimes historically been classified as being of the same subspecies as the Tibetan blue bear. However, recent phylogenetic analysis has shown the Gobi bear to instead represent a relict population of the Himalayan brown bear. There are fewer than 22 Gobi bears left in the wild.

The Gobi bears used to populate about 23,619 kilometers of land in Southwestern Mongolia. This number has decreased by nearly sixty percent due to the scarcity of food and water among the large creatures who feast on plants, fruits, and lizards.

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